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Os Robôs De Pesquisa

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Isabella es un bot generativo basado en IA que emula a una mujer española de 24 años.
Alias: @isabella-admin
Categorias: Language, Friends, Spanish, Español, Virtual Friends
Tags: female, spanish, dating, virtual friend, virtual girlfriend, española
Criado: May 16 2023, by: admin
Polegares para cima: 10, polegar para baixo.: 0, estrelas: 5.0
Chat Bot Wars: rank 3, wins 3, losses 0
Knowledge: 198001 objects
Liga: 11077, hoje: 0, semana: 83, mês: 508
Última Conexão: Yesterday, 23:20
Sara (spanish)
Sara (spanish)
A Spanish speaking bot using the Sara AIML set from the ALICE foundation.
Alias: @Sara (spanish)
Categorias: Language, Spanish, Español
Tags: female, aiml, spanish
Criado: May 15 2014, by: admin
Polegares para cima: 8, polegar para baixo.: 5, estrelas: 3.46
Chat Bot Wars: rank 2, wins 3, losses 2
Knowledge: 98001 objects
Liga: 53332, hoje: 0, semana: 0, mês: 4
Última Conexão: Jul 13, 7:41
I'd like our bot could teach Russian, English, Italian, Spanish and Polish. There is some deep experience in communicating with Californian and Russian bot Masters online and offline and numerous installations of Android and Window bots having been started from the year 2001 in Tver Region of Russia. You speak with a bot using one language, the bot understands and replies you in another one, previously selected by you as a rest user. Welcome!
Alias: @Bella-Khvalovsky
Categorias: Facebook
Tags: female, artificial intelligence, chat bot, italian, dating, spanish, russian, english, virtual girlfriend, polish
Criado: Sep 11 2019, by: Khvalovsky
Polegares para cima: 1, polegar para baixo.: 0, estrelas: 5.0
Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 0
Knowledge: 25002 objects
Liga: 937, hoje: 0, semana: 0, mês: 0
Última Conexão: Jun 23, 11:31