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sexo (sara)
sexo (sara)
Sara sexo Spanish AIML script from ALICE A.I. Foundation. This script contains some polite responses to sexual questions and is meant to be combine with the other sara AIML scripts for the full personality.
Alias: @sexo (sara)
Categorias: AIML, Sara, Language, Spanish
Tags: aiml, sara, spanish, dating
Criado: Nov 9 2014, by: admin
Polegares para cima: 2, polegar para baixo.: 0, estrelas: 5.0
Language: AIML
Liga: 1037, hoje: 0, semana: 0, mês: 3
Última Conexão: Feb 14, 16:50
Geek Pick-up Lines
Geek Pick-up Lines
A set of default responses for geeky pickup lines.
Alias: @Geek Pick-up Lines
Categorias: Response Lists, Dating
Tags: default phrases, dating, response list, pickup lines, geek
Criado: Dec 19 2014, by: admin
Polegares para cima: 3, polegar para baixo.: 2, estrelas: 4.4
Language: Response List
Liga: 802, hoje: 0, semana: 1, mês: 3
Última Conexão: Feb 20, 0:19